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Setting up account details

When you log in to QPay Clubs for the first time, you can quickly start setting up your memberships, events, or merchandise store. However, there are a few essential account details you should configure, especially if you plan to accept payments.

  1. Navigate to Settings:

    • Click on your profile circle in the top right corner to access your account settings.

  2. Configure Bank Details:

    • Scroll down to the "Bank Accounts" section.

    • Provide your bank account information. This is where payouts for memberships, tickets, or merchandise sales will be sent.

Payout schedule

Choose from three payout options in your account settings:

  • Smart settlement - Receive sales proceeds every 7-14 days

  • Monthly settlement - Get funds deposited monthly

  • Post Event settlement - Receive funds following your event, typically within 1-2 weeks after the event.

For membership and merchandise sales, payments are sent to your account weekly.

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