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Set Up Membership Types

Membership types are the different kinds of memberships your society will have. These could vary on things like:

  • Membership period - A 6-month membership, or 12-month membership for example. Most clubs set up a yearly membership.

  • Member type - You might want to set up a free membership for current students, and a paid one for alumni. Or, you could set up a different membership for each package deal you have to offer - i.e. Gold/Silver/Bronze (different value).

  • Free or paid - Memberships can be free, or you can choose to collect a membership fee

Having different membership types will allow you to segment your memberships and create targeted discounts, ticket types and communication for each membership type.

Do note that many clubs only have one membership type set up as annual membership, and that’s perfectly fine too!

When to set up a membership type

First time on QPay Clubs

If your society is using QPay Clubs for the first time and would like to set up a membership type, you’d first have to set up your membership purchase link. To do this:

  1. Head to the Memberships tab

  2. Follow the prompt on the screen to create your Membership URL. This is the link you can share with anyone who wants to purchase a membership online. We recommend keeping it simple. Most societies simply include their name or acronym to the link.

Next, you’ll want to set up your membership types. This will then allow you to import any existing member lists, and start collecting memberships through the QPay app, online, or by manually adding them individually.

Returning QPay Clubs user

If you’re returning to QPay Clubs or are using it already, you should be setting up a new membership type for every new period. If your current yearly memberships are expiring for example, then you will want to set up a new membership type for the upcoming year - for example, a ‘QPay Society 2022 Membership’.

When setting up your new membership types for the upcoming period, make sure you create a new one - don’t edit existing memberships instead! Doing this will affect existing members.

How to set up a membership type

  1. Within the Memberships tab, go to Membership Types (selected from the left sidebar)

  2. Click on the ‘+ Add Membership Type’ button.

  3. Fill in the relevant membership information:

    1. Name of membership type

      1. (e.g. QPay Society 2022 Membership)

    2. Memberships are valid for

      1. Select a time period, or choose a custom date range
        If the current date is not within the membership validity period, then the membership will not be available for purchase

    3. Membership price:

      1. Enter 0 if you offer free membership

    4. Membership description

      1. Provide details about your membership here, such as what this membership entitles you to, your club/society mission, activities, exclusive perks for members, etc.

    5. Required information

      1. Name, email and phone number are required fields and will always be collected from your members

    6. Custom questions

      1. You can choose to collect student number and make it a required field if necessary

      2. You can also add additional questions, with custom text answers, or ‘Yes/No’ answers

  4. Click ‘Add Membership Type’ to save and create a membership type

How to edit/update a membership type

You can edit or update the memberships easily. Just find the membership type in the list, click on the triple dots (⋮), and hit ‘Edit’. You can then edit your memberships from there.

How to delete a membership type

When a membership is no longer active, it will be deemed inactive. This means it won’t be available to purchase. However, if you’d like to delete it and remove it from the list, you can click on the triple dots (⋮), and hit Archive.

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