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Selling tickets for an event

Once you published your event, it’s time to promote it!

How can I promote my event?

Once you publish your event, we recommend promoting it to sell as many tickets as you can and keep your students engaged!

  • Sending an email to your members to let them know! Use our templates within our email functionality to create an email campaign in a matter of time 🙂

  • Sharing your event on social media! You can copy the link or get the QR code of your event and share it on your Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media you may have.

    • To share the link, simply head to your event on the Events page of your QPay Clubs account and double-click on the link there to select it, copy and paste it.

    • To get the QR Code, head to your event on the Events page of your QPay Clubs account and click on the 3 little dots on the top right corner of your event bloc. Then click on Get QR Code. From there, you can download the code in JPG or PNG format.
      Tips: We’ve seen clubs and societies publish the QR code on their Facebook Event page or Instagram page. You can also print it and add it to the door of your club’s room or the university billboard!

  • Share your link in bio! When you publish your events, club memberships, and merchandise items, they'll automatically appear in your Link In Bio. It's a fantastic and effortless way to promote all your activities in one place, without lifting a finger. Students can stay updated on what you're up to and never miss out!

You can find all these options to promote your event when clicking on Manage Event on your event located in the Events homepage.

Can I sell tickets in person?

You sure can! Use the Sell Cash Ticket function under the 3 little dots on the corner of your event bloc. Attendees can enter their details and will get a text message with steps on how to access their tickets through their QPay account. 

How can attendees join the waiting list?

If all event tickets are sold out (and you've set a maximum capacity for your event), a waiting list will automatically appear on your event page while ticket sales are still open.

How to manage the waiting list:

  1. View Waiting List: Click the View Waiting List option under the three dots at the top corner of your event block.

  2. Options:

    • Disregard the list: If you don't want to take any action.

    • Offer tickets: Click 'Offer ticket' to provide tickets to interested individuals. They'll receive a text message with a payment link (for paid tickets) or a link to their ticket (for free tickets). For paid tickets, they have 24 hours to accept and complete the payment before the offer expires.

    • Reach out to your waitlist group: Use the communication function to send an SMS or email to your waitlist group. An "Event Waitlist" contact list is automatically generated, making it easy to send your message.

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