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Sell merchandise

Looking to sell club merchandise online? QPay's merchandise feature allows your club to set up and manage its own virtual store with ease. Whether it's hoodies, beanies, or any other custom items you want to offer, our platform is designed to help your club showcase and sell merchandise effortlessly. Plus, it's a fantastic way to engage with your members and supporters by offering them exclusive club gear.

We’ll walk you through the few steps to get your merch store up and running!

Selling Merchandise In-Person

Head to the Merchandise page and choose Sell Merch In-Person from the left menu. This option is ideal when you're handling cash or prefer face-to-face sales.

Creating Discounts

To manage your store discounts, go to the Merchandise page and select 'Discounts' from the left menu. Here, you'll see all your current discounts and the option to make new ones.

There are two types of discounts:

  1. Membership discounts - These automatically give your members discounts on their purchases.

  2. Discount codes - These provide discounts when buyers enter a special code during checkout.

To make a discount, you'll need to decide:

  • A name for your discount

  • How long it's valid

  • The discount amount (fixed or percentage)

  • Any minimum order amount for the discount (if you want)

  • The discount code or eligible membership types

  • Which items the discount applies to

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