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Scanning tickets at the door

On the day of your event, skip the line by using our in-app ticket scanner!

How does the ticket scanner work?

  1. Login to your QPay Clubs account then find your event. Click on the 3 little dots on the top right corner of your event bloc, then on Ticket Scanners.

  2. Add the name and phone number of the people in charge of scanning tickets at the door.

  3. The newly added ticket scanner(s) will receive a text message with a link to the QPay App.

  4. Click on the link to open or download the App and head to the ticket scanner page (the camera icon).

  5. Start scanning tickets for the event of your choice with your phone camera (camera icon on the top right of your screen) or scan tickets manually by clicking on a ticket and marking it as scanned!

You can scan the same ticket more than once if needed. If it’s the case, a message will come up to notify you that a ticket has already been scanned.

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