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Order merchandise with QPay

QPay offers hassle-free merchandise ordering for your society, with price-beat guarantees from trusted suppliers in Australia.

This service is only available in Australia

How to order merchandise?

  1. Go to the Merchandise page and select Order Merchandise from the left menu.

  2. Choose a merchandise type and click Get a Quote. If what you’re looking for is not listed, contact us at and provide details of your desired item.

  3. Fill in the order details, including the following:

    1. Base colour: Select different options from the dropdown to see different merch colours on the right side in Description and Prices

    2. Print type: choose between:

      • Screenprint: print the artwork on the item

      • Embroidery: embroider the artwork on the item. This will cost extra fees

    3. Print position: choose where you would like to show the artwork on the merch item

    4. Artwork: upload the artwork in PNG. format and high resolution (at least 300px)

    5. Quantity: the total number merch items you want to order. The quantity must be from 6 - 250.

    6. Sizes: Fill in the quantity that you would like to order for each size (S/M/L/XL).
      Contact us or leave us an order note at the end if you’d like to order in other sizes such as XS, XXL, etc.

    7. Rough Mock-up: If you have a mockup of what the merch item looks like with the artwork, upload the image there in PNG. format.

    8. Contact Name: The name of the person that we can contact regarding the order

    9. Contact Email: The email address that we can contact to

    10. Delivery Address: The shipping address when the merch items are ready to be delivered

    11. Order Notes & Additional Questions: type in any notes or questions that you have regarding the merch order.

  4. Once you fill out the form, click on Request Quote. We will review your form and get back to you by email for the next steps.

Fill out a form for every different merch item you want to order (in different colour or quantity).
For example: You would need to fill in:

  • One form for an order of white shirts with black logo; and

  • One form for an order of black shirts with white logo

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