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New to QPay Clubs? Start heređź“Ť

Welcome to QPay Clubs, your all-in-one solution for student club and society management. This guide is designed to help you kickstart your journey with QPay Clubs and make the most of its powerful features. Let's begin your club management adventure!

What is QPay Clubs?

We like to describe QPay Clubs as a one-stop-shop for all your student club or society admin needs. This includes:

  • Memberships - sell and manage memberships, free or paid

  • SMS & Email - send free SMS and email to your members and event attendees

  • Events - set up your events and sell tickets

  • Merchandise - create an online store to sell your club or society’s merchandise

  • Link In Bio - showcase your club activities all in one place

🎉 Getting Started

Creating Your Club

To start using QPay Clubs, create your club's profile. This will be your club's central hub for managing memberships, events, and more.

Ready to Dive In?

Click on the section that interests you the most, or follow the guide sequentially to master all aspects of club management with QPay Clubs. We recommend starting with memberships!

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