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What is a membership?

Clubs and societies are all made up of members, and to help you engage with your members, you might want to collect some information about them!

Our QPay Memberships feature has been created just for this - so you can collect memberships for your clubs (free or paid) and manage your memberships digitally. By managing memberships on QPay, you can:

  • Issue digital membership passes to your members

  • Send free emails and SMSes to your members

  • Give member-only prices tickets for events you organise using QPay

  • Give member-only prices merchandise for merch sales you do through QPay

  • Create society deals, such as merchant discounts, for your members

  • Have a full view of your members' list, edit your members' details and issue refunds or cancel memberships

Anyone can be a member of your club/society! A member doesn’t necessarily have to be a student of your university.

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