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Edit an event

Still finalising details for your event? Easy! We’ll show you how to edit your event 🙂

How to edit an event

Once an event is created, you can go back and edit your event details at any time! Simply localise your event on the portal and click Edit.

You can edit pretty much everything on your event, except your event URL. If you’d like to change this, feel free to get in touch with 3 event URL propositions so we can look into changing this.

Be careful not to edit details that could impact your ticket sales while your sales are open.
For example, if you are currently selling tickets for an event that has a maximum capacity of 200 attendees, make sure you don’t lower the maximum capacity or you might oversell tickets.

We suggest not modifying any ticket details during ticket sales.

How to delete an event

To delete an event:

  • From the top menu bar of the QPay Clubs Portal, choose Events to head to the Events page

  • Navigate to the event that you want to delete

  • Click on the “More” icon (3 little dot icon) on the right corner of your event block

  • Select “Delete Event”

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