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Getting started

Getting started: listing an item on your store

  1. Head to the merch store:

    • First time listing an item: Login to your QPay Clubs account, Head to the Merchandise tab on the top menu bar, then select Sell your merchandise.

    • Already have listings: Login to your QPay Clubs account, Head to the Merchandise tab on the top menu bar, then select Store Listings on the left submenu and click on Create New Listing.

  2. Create your merch store URL in order to share the link with your members, or on social media so people can visit your online store and buy merch from there.
    If you already previously chose a merchandise link for your online shop, you won’t have to repeat this step.

  3. Create a merch listing: Add some information about the item(s) you want to sell. For more information about pre-order listings, head down to the pre-order section.

    1. Item Information

      • Item Name: Choose a descriptive and attention-grabbing title for your merch item.

      • Item Description: Give some information about your item (i.e. what is the fabric? Is it sustainable? What are the measurements?). Keep it short and sweet!

      • Images: Upload 1 to 5 images of your product, ensuring they are in PNG, JPG, or GIF format and have dimensions of 900px x 900px.

      • Item Price: There is a nominal booking fee for paid merchandise. Your first $500 in sales are covered by us, with no transaction fees for you. If you have exceeded this limit, the fees will be included in the listed price and clearly disclosed.

      • Delivery Method: Select either the Customer pick up or Ship to customer option for your delivery method. Be sure to include all relevant details about the delivery method in the item description box for a seamless experience for your students.

    2. Stock & Variations

      • Item Variations: Offer different options for your item, such as color, size, type, material, and gender, by creating variations. For example, if you choose "color" as a variation, you can add "blue," "green," and "red" as options.

      • Your Inventory: Keep track of your stock levels by updating the quantity for each variation. If a variation is out of stock, set its quantity to 0 to automatically mark it as "sold out." You can also hide a variation from being displayed publicly by toggling the visibility button.

      • Custom Questions: During checkout, buyers are required to provide their full name, email address, phone number, and shipping address (if the "Ship to Customer" delivery method is selected). You can add custom questions to collect additional information from buyers, and set them as either optional or required. Add as many questions as you need.

    3. Review
      Double-check your listing details, then hit that publish button and get ready to showcase your merch on your store! 🎉

With that done, your product is now live on your merchandise store! Time to spread the word and get those sales rolling in. Consider promoting your store by sending out an email blast to your members. Happy selling!

Viewing your listed items

Once you’ve listed items on your merch store, you can easily view them by heading to the merchandise homepage and clicking on the Store Listings option in the left menu. Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of all your listings, including:

  • Listings Overview: See all your listings and important details such as item name, image, number of sales, remaining stock, total stock, price, pre-order status, and active/archived/hidden status.

  • Create a New Listing: Add a new item to your store by clicking on the Create New Listing button. You can also set up pre-order listings to gauge interest in a product before stocking or selling it.

  • Edit a listing: Make changes to your listing by clicking on the item you'd like to edit. From there, you can edit the item, generate a QR code linking to the item, hide it from the store, or send a promotional email.

  • Archive a listing: If you want to remove an item from your store, simply click on the three dots next to the item and choose Archive.

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