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Membership Deals

Membership deals are special offers your club or society can score with different merchants. These offers, like a nifty 10% discount at the campus cafe, can be awesome perks for your members.

To keep things simple, we've made it easy to add and manage these deals on QPay Clubs. Here's a quick guide on how to do it.

Adding a deal

  1. Navigate to Membership Deals: Go to the Memberships tab and click on "Membership Deals" in the left sidebar.

  2. Creating a New Deal: Click on '+ Add Deal' to kickstart the process. Fill in all the vital info about your deal, like the catchy title, the merchant, their website, the deal's validity, and don't forget to add a logo. Also, make sure to give clear instructions on how members can grab the deal.

  3. Save and Publish: Once you've got all the details sorted, hit that save button. Your deal is now live and ready for your members to enjoy via the QPay app.

Deal status

Once you create your deals, you’ll see a list of them and their current status.

  • Active Deals: These deals are currently valid. If the current date falls within the deal's specified validity period, members can view and claim them.

  • Inactive Deals: When a deal's validity period expires, it becomes inactive and is no longer visible to your members.

Accessing deals as a student

Members can effortlessly access and claim deals through the QPay app.

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