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Events are one of the best ways to keep your members engaged. Events that are well promoted on social media have the highest participation rate! The most popular events on QPay are: balls, parties, cruises, dinners, and pub crawls. What’s yours?

Event Overview

Here’s what you can see when you head to the Events page on the portal:

  • Events Summary: This graph showcases the revenue that you generated from your sales this year (green line) in comparison with last year (red line).

    • Tickets sold: Number of tickets sold so far this year (does not take into account refunds)

    • Total Events: Number of events created so far this year

    • Revenue: Revenue generated from your event sales so far this year (does not take into account refunds)

Recently Created Events

Here you can see all the events that you created since you signed up for QPay. The list of events appears in descending order from the time the event was created meaning that the last event created will appear first.

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