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About SMS

You can contact your members, event attendees, or merchandise purchasers with direct SMS, for free.

How to set up an SMS campaign

To set up a campaign, first, navigate to the SMS/Email tab in the top navigation menu.

Then, click on Send an SMS.

From there you can set up the following:

  • ‘To:’ field: You can select one or more recipients from the list. This includes:

    • Your members, by membership type

    • Your event attendees, by event

    • Attendees who you refunded

    • Attendees on an event waitlist

    • Merchandise buyers

  • Validity: Select when you want to send this SMS.

    You can automate SMS by choosing an end date in the future. Your text message will send out to your recipient as soon as it reaches the start date and it will continue sending to your selected group recipients until the end date of your campaign.

    As an example, if you’re sending an SMS to your members and set the start date as today and the end date as the end of the year, all your members will receive your text message today and new members who join your club later this year will also receive your SMS as soon as they join.

How to send personalised messages in SMS

You can send personalised messages by using ‘special codes’.

There are a few special codes that you can add to your SMS:

  • **NAME** (name of the recipient)

  • **FIRSTNAME** (first name of the recipient)

  • **MEMID** (membership ID of the recipient)

To go ahead with this, add **NAME** to the body of the SMS. The special code will automatically be replaced by the name of the recipient in your message. For example, if the message is:

“Hi **FIRSTNAME**, thanks for your purchase!”

It’ll translate as:

“Hi Jane, thanks for your purchase!”.

In this example, Jane is the recipient.

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